Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summar Cleaning

This Summer Beth Lynn, Lori Haney and others are busy doing some minor library renovations.  Sure, we are all anticipating and looking forward to a new library building at Union but that doesn't mean that we are going to neglect our current home. During the summer everyone in the library has a little bit more time to breathe and focus on projects so we wanted to work a bit on improving the current library as place. We began by moving out a large microfilm reader in the library that was seldom if ever used and took up much needed space. If anyone still needs to use microfilm, there is still a microfilm reader in the Faculty Resource Center. Where the large microfilm reader was, in the back of the library, we put the laptop zone as you can see.

The laptop zone has been moved to the back wall.

Now you can use the laptop zone with more privacy.

Then Beth, with the input of everyone in the library, decided which color to paint some of the the walls around to cover up what was a drab grey. Everyone ended up being very happy with a color called, "Grandma's Linen" which is sort of a soft minty green. We have also recently put up a few pieces of framed photography in the library.  The photographs came from archives, many of them depict the old Union campus downtown. Then, we moved some furniture around and some of it out to give the library a cleaner and roomier feel. The larger change machines near the copier are also gone and we hope that give the library a more open and airy feeling.

Newly painted wall and framed photographs

Library is looking great, freshly painted with the color, "Grandma's Linen."

Newly painted walls next to the entrance and the Fitts Collection

Big change and copy machines are gone. Now just purchase a copy card or ask at the desk if you need help.

We have also recently moved all of the DVDs out into the library so that library visitors can browse the film collection. We are considering more modifications as we move forward this year. Please feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions. We have also repainted the study rooms from all of the heavy use this past year.

DVDs are out in the library for browsing

Freshly painted study rooms
In June a team led by Beth Lynn and Lori Haney painted and decorated the restrooms in the library. Don't they look great.
Restrooms are spruced up with new paint, pictures and shelving.

Decorating and Cleaning the Restrooms

A freshly painted restroom with new photos and shelving.

At the library we always happy to see you and starting to look forward to the return of the students in the fall.  Please let us know what you think we might do to improve our services and our space.
A fresh look as you leave the library!

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