Friday, July 22, 2011

Beth Lynn Interviewed on the Podcast

Beth Lynn Interview Friday, July 22, 2011
Beth Lynn, Collection Development Coordinator, at the Summar Libary graced us with her presence on this edition of The Summar Library Podcast. We asked Beth about her job, new resources that the library is providing, and her efforts to redecorate the library over the summer. 
Some of the new resources that we are providing are Biblical Archaeology Society Online, Films on Demand, Grove Music Online,  and Oxford Bibliographies Online. We also now have a host of new eBook collections including CHOICE’s 2010 Outstanding Book Collection and up to 3000 titles via Netlibrary’s new EBSCO platform. We also have the Encyclopedia of Social Work online now and host of new journals. 
Beth and others have been working hard to spruce up the library of the summer and you can read about it here. Thanks for listening to us and our podcast. Remember that The Emma Waters Summar Library is where “studying everyday could help you perform better academically”.

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