Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dr. Hal Poe discusses his work on Edgar Allan Poe

Dr. Hal Poe has just published several works and in particular one on his distant cousin, Edgar Allan Poe. In this podcast Dr. Poe discusses Edgar Allan Poe's grappling with the bigger questions as it is outlined in his new work entitled Evermore: Edgar Allan Poe and the Mystery of the Universe. Dr. Poe organizes Evermore according to Poe's grappling with the problem of suffering, the problem of beauty, the problem of love, the problem of justice and finally the problem of the universe. Dr. Hal Poe clearly unpacks the way that his ancestor came to understand the universe based on his prose poem Eureka.
Dr. Poe also discusses his upbringing, education, coming to Union and his role as President of the Edgar Allan Poe museum in Richmond, Va. We were very happy to have Dr. Poe on the podcast to discuss his new book. You can check out Evermore and other works by Dr. Poe in the library.

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