Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Portrait of the President comes to the library

On Dec. 2, at the Union Trustees meeting, a new portrait of the President was unveiled. You can read more about this meeting and the portrait here. The 50 inch high representation of David Dockery was painted by artist, Tom Donahue, who has also painted likenesses of Rhodes College president, Bill Trout and a former Governer of Tennessee, Don Sundquist.  This new  portrait of David Dockery is now hanging in the library so please stop by to see it if you have not yet. We have also created a display highlighting some of the "selected works" of President David S. Dockery. The display of books either written or edited by Dr. Dockery are next to the Faculty Resource Room and are available for check out as well.

In an e-mail, Library Director Anna Beth Morgan wrote, "The portrait is well done and presents a very favorable likeness of Dr. Dockery.  I am sure our faculty, staff, students, alums and guests will enjoy seeing the portrait in the library". We are proud to have the Presidential portrait in the library and are looking forward to good things to come for the library at Union.

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