Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2-D Art in the Library

Katie Williams after Jack Vettriano, "The Singing Butler" 15" x 20
This new artwork displayed in the library is part of a collaboration between myself and Haelim Allen in the art department. A special thanks to Shinae and Andrew who work in the library and helped with this project as well. When I first came to Union I noticed all of the student artwork displayed in the hallways of the PAC. I think that artwork in the library can be a great way to interact with the student body at Union and highlight their work. I also think that it can help to make our library more visually interesting.
The art in the Library can also help to highlight our resources like ArtStor, an image library for the arts and sciences. These works by students are mostly copies of original work and at time you can get some information about the original work on ArtStor or by using the Art research guide.  

Tiffany Frizzell after Jack Vettriano, "Mr Cool" 11x15 in Color and in Black & White

"The Singling Butler"  and "Mr Cool" are reproductions of works by Jack Vettriano, a Scottish artist. They were copied by Katie Williams and Tiffany Frizzell.

Kristen Witham after Edgar Degas, "Melancholy" 15"x22"

Near the photocopier is Kristen Witham's recreation of Degas' "Melancholy."Degas was a French impressionist who actually had family and spent some time in New Orleans.  

Megan Peden after Vincent Van Gogh, "Painter on His Way to Work"

Megen Peden has done a bright, colorful version of Vincent Van Gogh painting. It is hanging in a quiet study area near the window in the back of the library. The Painter on His Way to Work was actually destroyed during World War II so the original no longer exists. For this reason it is nice that we have a copy here in our library. Even if it isn't the original.

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