Sunday, September 29, 2013

Can't make it to the library? Access these references online

Ever need a reference book but can't make time to sit in the library to use it?

Union's subscription to the academic core portion of Credo Reference provides more than 3.4 million entries, along with more than 300,000 images, 240,000 audio files and 100 videos.

Now you can access hundreds of popular titles online with Credo Reference, where you will find everything from dictionaries and encyclopedias to books of quotations and atlases.

But that's not all Credo Reference can do.

A quick search with the word "Israel" using the Image Search tab gave access to 20 pages' worth of maps, flags, graphs and photography of archaeological discoveries in Israel.

The same search using the Concept Map tab brings up several nodes that can be clicked on to access information related to the topic I've just searched.

For instance, clicking on the "Arab-Israeli Wars" node makes available a whole host of new nodes from diversified sources related to that topic, including "Jordan," "The Palestine-Liberation Organization," "Six-Day War" and several others.

When hovering over the word "Israel," I learned from the Philip's World Factbook 2008-2000 that Israel's flag was adopted when the Jewish state declared itself independent in 1948.

When typing in a keyword, narrow your search by choosing a specific subject area, such as "Food and Beverage" or "Literature" or "Medicine."

Or search an A-Z topic index. A quick scan of the As shows everything from Arctic Ocean and Asimov, Issac, to Astronomy & Earth Sciences to Anarchism to Azerbaijan.

Credo Reference also provides handy gadgets that can be used to:
  • figure conversions
  • look up a quotation or a definition or the name of a person
  • solve a crossword puzzle

With Credo Reference, you can find a simple answer in a flash or read an in-depth article on a topic you're researching.

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