Thursday, August 29, 2013

Devices running on empty? Stop in, charge up

It's 30 minutes before your next class begins, the tablet you use to take notes has run out of juice, and a quick search of your backpack is no good -- you have left your charger at home.

Don't panic. Just zip by Emma Waters Summar Library, where you can quickly charge several different types of electronic devices at the library's new charging station, situated nearby the library's exit door.

The charging station stands directly across from the library's circulation desk, right beside two computer stations.

In a hurry? Several different devices can be charged at the same time, from iPads and other types of tablets to iPhones and other types of mobile phones.

Owners are responsible for the devices they plug in at the charging station.

Prefer to stay close by? A patron could charge his phone or other device while also surfing the Web right there, or printing a document, checking for an assignment in MoodleRooms, or searching for resources in the library's catalog.

Feel free to stop by the circulation desk with questions.

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