Sunday, June 30, 2013

To find familiar library books, shift your thinking

Frequent visitors to the library’s stacks should not be alarmed if you can’t seem to find, say, the works of Carl Jung or a specific volume of a Bible commentary.

Those books haven’t disappeared; they have moved to a new location in the library.

During the first summer term, a large portion of the circulating book collection has moved to new shelving locations in Emma Waters Summar Library.

The new shelving locations are not far away from the original locations. More shifting of books will continue throughout the summer.

Here is a summary of the library materials that have experienced a shift this summer:
  • The “oversize” collection. These large books are now located on the waist-high shelving at the end of the library’s Reference section -- or you could say they are right next to where the bound periodicals are housed.
  • The “bound periodicals.” Journals and other periodicals have been condensed along the library’s west wall to make more room for the beginning of the circulating collection, namely, the A’s and B’s.
  • The “circulating collection” or “stacks.” Two classifications (A and B) are now located on the shelves south of the bound periodicals. The library’s circulating collection continues across the back end of the library from B to Z.
Don’t be surprised when your favorite Bible commentaries aren’t in the same spot you left them last term.

New signs are being placed on the shelving end panels to indicate the location of various resources and their associated call numbers.

The library staff is always available to help students and faculty members find any resources that may have shifted during the summer.

You are encouraged to ask a library staff member whenever you need assistance.

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