Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finals Week: Early Birds and Late Night Owls

Finals week is just around the corner! *Ahhh!* we know!                              
With just about everyone rushing to finish those final papers, and striving to get those math formulas right, the library will once again extend its operating hours to 2am for the whole of finals week starting this Sunday (13th May)! 

On a better note, there WILL be FREE snacks served all throughout finals week. Chex Mix, Granola Bars, name them! You can actually let us know what type of snacks you'd like via Facebook.

Note: The library closes at 5pm on Thursday May 17, a.k.a. the LAST day of finals!!!! So, if you need to use the library's facilities, make sure you do so before the closing time. We close at 5pm on Friday 18, the day before graduation..


Sunday May 13 : 2pm - 5pm; 8pm - 2am
Monday - Wednesday May 14-16 : 7am - 2am  

Thursday - Friday May 17-18 :  7am-5pm
Graduation will be on Saturday May 19 and from that point on, it's Happy Summer from all of us here at the Summar Library! Congratulations on making it this far for the Spring Semester '12! Hang in there!

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