Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ray Van Neste on the KJV

Ray Van Neste is Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Director of the R.C. Ryan Center. It did delighteth us to chat with him on the podcast about the recovery from his recent ailments, the learning that he did recieve and the upcoming KJV 400 Legacy & Impact festival. This festival doth celebrate 400 years of the King James Version of the Bible. Professor Van Neste discusses the influence of the KJV on his own life and the history of the King James Bible. The festival will be held Thursday, Friday and Saturday and will feature Leland Ryken, Timothy George and John Woodbridge as well as a host of Union scholars who look at the KJV from an interdisciplinary perspective.
The music used in this episode is “I was Glad” composed by Orlando Gibbons, who was born in Oxford in 1583 and attended King's College, Cambridge to study music. The lyrics were taken from Psalm 122 and it was commonly sung in the Church of England at Coronations and other celebrations.

Listen to the Interview with Ray Van Neste here

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