Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Library Space!

The empty space beyond Miller Tower where the future library will be. Photo. 5/3/2011
Many of us here in the Summar library feel very privileged to be a part of Union University. I felt that Union was a special place when I first visited the campus last spring to interview. It was clear at that time as an outsider that Union was headed in a positive direction.  I believe that the leadership  at Union is making great decisions contributing to our growth and ability to work towards academic excellence. Last spring after reading "Renewing Minds", it was clear to me that Union was headed in a strong direction to build an excellent, christ-centered institution of higher learning. 

It was exciting news this past Friday when the board of trustees approved a plan that would look to have the new library completed by 2013. You can read about the board of trustees meeting and all of the exciting news in the Union Press Release.  You can also read the announcement in the Jackson Sun Press Release.

Many might ask the question, "with so many resources available online, why do we need a new library building?". With everything going digital many have wondered what the future of the academic library will be. I have tried to answer this question in a post that was written back in August in which I outlined the library as web, services and space. I think President Dockery has made a statement that looks to the future and defines the library as "not only a warehouse for books, but a technological center that connects students and scholars with other research opportunities that would not have been possible even a decade ago”. Statements like these show that President Dockery has an exciting vision for what the library can be in the digital age. As a librarian I am willing to follow this vision.

In fact all of us at The Summar Library are happy to be part of this project with the direction provided by Dr. Dockery, Provost Sanderson and all of Union's leadership. We hope to do all that we can to make this a successful library project for our students and faculty.

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