Saturday, January 22, 2011


In just a few weeks the Summar Library will be unveiling our new resources by subject pages that are called Libguides, short for library guides. We aim to have these exciting and dynamic new research guides published on our website by the end of this month. Libguides are software, hosted by an outside company named Springshare. The old "Resources by Subject" pages were just a static list of databases but they will be replace by Libguides that are so much more. Libguides can make it easy to contact or even chat with your librarian. They can easily be edited by librarians or faculty. Hopefully this will provide some great opportunities for librarians and faculty to work together. Libguides are like facebook pages for academic resources. It is easy to link to web pages, articles and new information. The editor of these pages can upload images, insert RSS feeds, embed videos and upload documents. A professor may upload his/her course syllabi to a Libguide, while the Librarian can provide links or videos on APA citations, for example. Libguides also allows the option for the user to rate a resource. These guide will greatly enhance the way that students and faculty can use the library's web page to do research. We at Summar Library are looking forward to working with the faculty at Union to enhance these dynamic research guides.

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