Friday, November 19, 2010

The Fitts Pre-Columbian Artifacts

The Fitts Pre-Columbian Pottery display in the Summar Library
If you have not yet been in the Summar Library to see the Fitts Pottery collection then you really should. I must begin by saying that I think the Fitts collection of pottery has been an aesthetic improvement to the library. The addition has created a lighter, more open and interesting space. Jenny Lowery did a great job in curating and arranging this display.

Chimu 1100-1450 AD Funeral Mask of corroded copper
Jean and Marvin Fitts were both Union alumns who later obtained advanced degrees in theology. They dedicated their lives to missions in Peru and later served in Mexico. Over the years of serving in South America they developed a  keen interest in archeaology and the Art of Andean Culture prior to the arrival of Europeans. Throughout their time in Peru Jean and Marvin Fitts collected artifacts from the Andean region and they have now donated over 100 artifacts to Union University. Jenny Lowery has worked very hard to create an attractive, museum-like display to highlight this impressive donated collection. The display features a brief history of The Fitts' education, life and work. It also features a historical and archeological over view of the cultures from which the artifacts have come.

Mochica 50-800 AD Black Ceramic whistler depicting a puma
The above images are just two examples of artifacts shown here but much in the library and in archives. The collection is truly fascinating. Stop by the Library to learn about cultures like the Chavin and the Incas and to view this impressive collection.

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TR said...

This article from The Economist helps give an idea of the value of Peruvian artifacts. We are fortunate to have the Fitts Pottery Collection.