Monday, September 13, 2010

Oxford Language Dictionaries Online

We have a really great new resource here at The Summar Library that can really help students. While Oxford Language Dictionaries Online may be particularly helpful to international students or foreign language students it would be good for anyone traveling abroad or just interested in another language. Most of us have hand held French/English or English/Spanish dictionaries or sometimes we use the free online translation tools (which are not always helpful, free or accurate) but this Oxford Language Dictionary can do so much more. Here are some highlights of what Oxford Language Dictionary can offer. It will even pronounce the word for you if you are hoping to improve your speaking ability in another language. The Oxford Language Web is really neat as it will translate vocabulary into a plethora of languages simultaneously.

* Search Oxford's authoritative bilingual dictionaries to get accurate, up-to-date translations you can rely on
* Choose the right word or phrase using contextual clues and examples
* Use quick search box on every page to find translations fast
* Use advanced search options to search the full text of the dictionary, or restrict a search to specific parts of speech, subject area, or language register, and perform Boolean searches
* Browse the dictionary using alphabetical entry lists
* Find a list of other entries that have your search term somewhere in them
* Click from any word in an entry to look up that word in the dictionary
* Get click-through explanations of phonetic symbols and mouse-over explanations of parts of speech
* Insert accented characters (or letters from a different alphabet) using a handy virtual keyboard
* Insert Chinese characters using a helpful pop-up Radical and Character Index
* If you can't find an exact match, the "Did you mean" feature can help you find the entry you're looking for
* Print, email, cite, or link all entries 


* Find a multitude of language learning and usage tools and resources
* Get access to hundreds of correspondence templates including sample letters, emails, and CVs and résumés to provide practical help with writing
* And much more 

The Oxford Language Dictionary can is best if accessed that our library's Databases A-Z page. If you are off campus then you will need to log in with your username and password.

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