Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Film Collection

In case you all didn't know we have a really good movie collection at The Summar Library. We call them "feature films". Normally we keep them in the back room near the offices but since we realized that not everyone knew that we had a great movie collection we wanted to put them on display. Since we couldn't display all of them, however, we decided to have a rotating display based on a theme. The current theme is films about war and it features such great movies as Saving Private Ryan, Blackhawk Down and Gone with the Wind. There really are some great, epic war movies.

We wanted you all to know that there are a lot of movies in the library and all that you have to do is ask at the circulation desk to go look at them or search the catalog. Our movies aren't just old educational films. We also have a lot of recent movies, classics and foreign films. If you need a study break or want to have a movie night in your dorm room then skip the trip to Blockbuster and check out the Summar Library!

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